Tuesday, May 20, 2008

National Cartoonist Society Profile: Howard Chaykin

Continuing in my series of NCS artists is the talented writer and artist Howard Chaykin, whose innovative storytelling techniques and often controversial choice of subject matter have made him a world wide success in his comic works. Chaykin’s main influences are the classic magazine illustrators of the fifties such as Robert Fawcett, Al Parker, and many others. Here is the creator's bio in his own words. --- Born in the early 1950s, in Newark, New Jersey. Raised in Brownsville and East Flastbush in Brooklyn. Finally saw a real tree when I was removed to Queens. Tilden High School, Jamaica High School. Spent what should have been my college years bumming around the States, having a much better time than you did. Started in comics as Gil Kane's assistant. Moved on to assist Wallace Wood, Gray Morrow, and Neal Adams. Freelanced since 1974 for every company in the business. Pioneered the graphic novel in the United States with EMPIRE, THE STARS MY DESTINATION, and THE SWORD OF HEAVEN. Created AMERICAN FLAGG! and TIME(SQUARED). Served as Executive Script Consultant on THE FLASH and VIPER TV series. I freelanced in features, pilots, and episodic television. Outside of comics my primary interests include Jazz, from Louis Armstrong to Miles Davis, and crime fiction. I live a quiet life in the San Fernando Valley, living down a youthful attitude problem that continues to haunt me.

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