Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bernie Wrightson's "The Laughing Man"

After learning all he could from studying the EC Comics and the Famous Artist School correspondence course, Wrightson started working for The Baltimore Sun as an illustrator, but was inspired a year later in 1966 at a New York comic show by Frank Frazetta to do his own stories. Two years later, with the encouragement of editor Dick Giordano, he produced his first professional work at National Comics in House of Mystery #179. Bernie continued to do numerous mystery and horror stories before producing his seminal work on DC's Swamp Thing, which he co-created with writer Lein Wein in the early seventies. In 1974, Wrightson when over to Warren Publishing Company creating some of his most chilling tales for their moody black and white magazines, which greatly suited his talents in horror art as shown in this shocking story from Creepy #95 entitled...

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