Friday, April 1, 2011

An Esteban Maroto Gallery

Out of all the posting I've published over the past five years, the most popular by far, being viewed thousands of times more than any other article is on artist, Esteban Maroto. Born in Spain in 1942, Maroto burst on the American comics scene in the early 1970s with his captivating work for Warren Publication's horror magazines Creepy, Eerie, and Vampirella. Lush, dynamic, and intensely erotic, Maroto's work quickly earned him a loyal fan following and a reputation as one of comics' most exciting and unique talents. Beside his extensive work published throughout Europe, most American fans fondly remember his brief episodes with Marvel, DC, Topps, Image, Heavy Metal, Cross Gen, Dynamite, and Continuity Comics. Offered below is a selection of images from Avon's Conan paperbacks, Red Sonja, The Atlantis Chronicles, Five for Infinity, Tarzan, various Warren pages, and other color commissions recently done by the Spanish artist.


bliss_infinte said...

I think Esteban is one of the best fantasy comic illustrators. I've just discovered him a number of years ago. Thanks for posting.

Standby4action said...

His linework is incredible, isn't it? The little curls and necklace chain effects, filling space, are fantastic
Thanks again for a great blog post

Paul Chadwick said...

Great artist, great guy. He didn't know me, but at the behest of mutual friend Barry Klugerman, Maroto hand carried a copy of Jose Segrelles-illustrated Arabian Nights I'd (remotely) purchased when he came to America for a convention, simply as a kindness to another Segrelles fanatic.