Sunday, January 6, 2013

National Cartoonist Society Profile: Greig Flessel

Creig Valentine Flessel was a pioneer in the Golden Age working in the early days for National Comics on their crime buster Sandman before moving on to have a wide ranging career in illustration, advertisement, and cartoon art. Here is his brief biography he wrote for the National Cartoonist Society...Looking back at a 1972 Album, I find I have not changed a bit. Then a microchip was from a tiny buffalo and a scan was for a far horizon. Cartooning was about the foibles and fantasies of man and still is. Sixty five years of deadlines: pulps, Golden Age of comic books, commercial advertising, Boy's Life covers, Text books, Dixie Dugan, Lil" Abner, Friday Foster, David Crane strips and the ribald Tales of Baron Von Furstinbed. Cartoonist, editors, critics and my family have been kind to me. I have a NCS Silver T Square and the comic book Ink Pot award. Fifty eight years of my beloved wife Marie and Me! Fifty two years at my same address, 103 Bay Drive, Huntington, New York. I was born Feb 2, 1912. My son Peter has a PHD and works with the California Health Department. Daughter, Eugene and grand daughter, Kim do children's book illustrations, and I enjoy my three great grand kids. My latest work is a book "Draw Fifty People" Doubleday, with Lee Ames. It's a best seller at my house.


danielcox said...

Man I love that page! What comic is that from?

Dave Karlen said...

It's from an unknown DC Comics romance title.