Wednesday, March 12, 2014

National Cartoonist Society Profile: Russell Myers

Life began in 1935 in Kansas which is very flat. I'm now old and live in Oregon where it's hilly. Somehow this seems all wrong. Marina and I were married in 1964. She is a nice lad who believes in drinking lots of water. Our children, Stewart and Rosie, turned out quite well and seem to like us. I have a small collection of old cars and every song Bix Beiderbecke ever recorded. In spite of chronic minor foot discomfort I am often quite cheerful. I started out doing greeting cards for Hallmark in 1960 and launched my strip Broom Hilda in 1970. It gets printed in several newspapers, which always surprises me and make me grateful. My parents just celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary and still have all their marbles, something I find very encouraging. Cartooning is fun.

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