Friday, March 27, 2009

National Cartoonist Society Profile: Wallace Wood

Wally Wood was one of the all time comic greats, that unfortunately ended his career too soon. Here is his brief bio from the NCS archives, in his own words...Born in Menahga, Minnesota 1927. Decided to be a cartoonist at age two. Didn't get into it for another twenty years. In between was a dental lab worker, printer, pin setter, factory worker, etc. Joined the Merchant Marine, then Army. Put in a term at Minneapolis School of Art. Decided they couldn't teach me anything. They had the same idea. Went to Hogarth's school for a year or so on G.I. Bill, then got to work in comic books, have done millions of them. Also children's books, gag cartoons, toy boxes, bubble gum cards, a mural, science-fiction covers, a story board, a comic strip. "Ghosted" strips, lunch boxes, illustrations for men's magazines, and some advertising($!!) and was in every issue of MAD for twelve years. Met Tatjana (Mrs. Wood) folk dancing fifteen years ago. Ambition: to retire.

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