Tuesday, September 1, 2009

National Cartoonist Society Profile: Paul Norris

Paul Norris is probably best know as co-creator of Aquaman for National Comics, but he also worked in pulp illustration, and newspaper strips with his popular King Features strip Brick Bradford. Here is his short bio from a few years ago...Born on April 26th 1914 in Greenville Ohio. The '88 Album closed out my career as a cartoonist. Retirement is all that I had hoped it would be... spending the golden years with Annbeth, fifty six years and counting... taking pride in the success of our sons, Michael and Paul, in their chosen fields... and doting on our six grandchildren... playing as much golf as aches and pains can permit... feel fortunate that my life was spent as a cartoonist... what a job!! You could sleep in on those rainy mornings... the talented people I have known along the way... a real bonus.

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