Thursday, August 12, 2010

Direct Currents: Jonah Hex

With his first appearance in All-Star Western Tales #10, DC Comic's weird anti-hero was born under a very bad sign. Jonah Hex was abandoned as a child by his mother and sold to an Apache tribe by his brutal father for a pile of animal pelts. After the chief's jealous son, Noh-Tante, betrayed Hex over the love of woman in their tribe, the Apaches rejected the youth. Joining the U.S. Calvary, Hex later fought for the Confederates in the Civil War and made many enemies for his views in not supporting slavery. After the war, Jonah discovered Noh-Tante had married his true love White Fawn, and killed the chief's son in personal combat. When rejected from the tribe, the gunfighter face was scarred forever with the horrible "Mark of the Demon" by a burning Tomahawk. By 1875 though, Jonah Hex was known as the greatest bounty hunter of his time, a superb marksman, who rarely missed his target, he struck fear in outlaws and citizens alike in his bloody trek across the wild wild West.

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