Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pat Boyette's "The Rain Stopper!"

It is easy to see when Pat Boyette enjoyed the subject matter of a story he was illustrating, especially since he was fascinated with Lee Falk's world famous jungle hero, The Phantom, the original "Ghost who Walks". Never wanting to draw muscle bound costumed superheros, Pat liked to do tales of a ordinary man without super human abilities up against incredible odds, men like Blackhawk, Jungle Jim, and other various war, Western, or adventure characters. Boyette had already worked in television, radio, and film, before turning his sights on comics, and as shown here, has really pulls out all the stops with his excessive detail and backgrounds including his "scratch effect" for the rainstorms in this delightful jungle yarn from Charlton Comics, The Phantom #43 from 1971 as shown in this story entitled...

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