Monday, June 6, 2011

National Cartoonist Society Profile: Alden McWilliams

Born, Greenwich, Connecticut. Graduated New York School Fine and Applied Art. First artwork in pulp magazines. Pioneer in comic books with Dell Western printing. Assisted on Tim Tyler's Luck. In the army 1942, European Theatre for three years. Continued in comic books for almost every company, plus adventure and illustration. Assisted on Rip Kirby, illustrated Twin Earths strip, later at same time, illustrated Davy Jones and assisted on Dan Flagg! Left Flagg to assist on Mary Perkins, On Stage. Changed from both Jones and On Stage to illustrate Dateline: Danger, the first integrated strip (Field Newspaper Syndicate). Following that I have worked chiefly for Western Publishing doing art on Star Trek and others, currently Buck Rogers. Live in Darien, Connecticut with wife Ruth. Two sons, oldest Chris, Captain Air Force (Strategic Air Command), currently based in England: younger son Rick teaching art, photography and coaching soccer, hockey at private prep school in Millbrook, New York. Both sons married. Ruth and I spend all time available at beach house, Eastham, Cape Cod, quohoging and trying to meet deadlines.

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