Sunday, January 1, 2012

Frank Thorne's "Big Man Little Man"

Let us start the new year right with a story from one of my favorite comic artists! DC Comics had the best war anthology titles around and quite often their back-up story was a Bob Kanigher "Gallery of War" yarn that were drawn by some of the best in the business, such as Ric Estrada. But once in a while they were illustrated by such stellar talents as Alex Toth, Dan Spiegle, Doug Wildey, Lee Elias, and as shown here from the original art, Frank Thorne. I recently ran across some old letters from Toth and he was asked by a fan who was an artist we should watch. Toth mentioned a few Europeans of interest, but said Frank Thorne was an artist who could tell a story right, simple and to the point. I can see what he was talking about in this lush seven page gem from 1973 out of Our Army at War #260 in this tale called...

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