Wednesday, January 25, 2012

National Cartoonist Society Profile: Ed Nofziger

Presented here is one of my favorite "bigfoot" funny animal cartoonist who had success with many amusing strips over the years including Buenos Dias, Chloe, and ANIMALogic, the delightful Mr. Ed Nofziger...I was born in Porterville, California on June 14, 1913. I graduated from University of California in Los Angeles  in 1936 and left for New York to sell my first cartoon The New Yorker in 1937. Polar bear cub to parents," I don't care what you say, I'm cold!" Selected by Look magazine as one of ten best New Yorker cartoons of the year. (signed E.Nof) Then the Saturday Evening Post started buying my animals in color. Illustrated Will Cuppy features for the Post. Did national advertising, TV spots in the 1940s and 50s. Wrote UPA's "Mister Magoo" with Dick Shaw. Later created "Mother Magoo". Did all the Magoo ads and displays. Next Hanna-Barbara "Ruff and Ready" stories and story boards. "Animals Are For Fun" cartoon book. Walter Foster Productions. Taught cartoon workshops, - fifteen years on Disney foreign comic stories. - married Margaret Sheppard, an artist of note. Combined our families, so we have our five, plus five grandchildren and one great grand kid.


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