Wednesday, July 22, 2009

National Cartoonist Society Profile: Curt Swan

Best know for his years of work on the Superman comic and newspaper feature, Curt Swan ended up drawing many of the DC characters over his fifty years with the company. His interpretations of "The Man of Steel" helped define the look for years to come both in print and on screen. Swan with Murphy Anderson's slick inks over his pencils was one of the most popular books of the Silver Age selling millions on copies monthly. Here is his short description of his career, in his own words... Born February 17, 1920 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was a mixed up kid until the National Guard unit was activated in 1941. I was quickly shipped to Northern Ireland where I met Dick Wingert while painting murals for the Red Cross Club in Belfast. He suggested that I try for a transfer to Stars and Stripes magazine in London. Enjoyed British hospitality for two years and then pressed on to Paris. Then I got a battle ribbon at Huntingher Down, past the Maginot Line and Patton's Third Army. Been with National Comics since 1945. Live in Norwalk, Connecticut. My next trick -- how to sneak off to a sunnier clime during winter.

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