Tuesday, April 1, 2008

National Cartoonist Society Profile: Al Williamson

I've been writing the past few months about some of my favorite NCS artists who are no longer with us, but thought I better start honoring some of the greats that are still drawing today. I'll begin with a gentleman I met only once years ago, but he made a big impression on me, Al Williamson. Meeting this cartoonist was a real treat, since I admire his Raymond inspired work so much. If you never got the chance to met Al, you feel you know him straightaway once you see him since he used his face as the model of his super secret agent, Phil Corrigan. Here is his brief autobiography he provided to the famous cartoonist organization.

I grew up in Bogota, Columbia...inspired by Carlos Clemen - Argentine artist...began to write and draw my own comic strip at age nine...discovery of Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon Sunday page really decided me to be a cartoonist...returned to New York in teens...attended Burne Hogarth's cartooning classes...first job penciling several "Tarzan" Sunday page for Hogarth...next ten years drew science fiction and Western comic books...assisted John Prentice on "Rip Kirby" for three years...drew several "Flash Gordon" comic books for King Features Syndicate...received National Cartoonist Society award for comics in 1967...some years ago took over "X-9" daily strip from writer friend Archie Goodwin for King Features Syndicate...strip now called "Secret Agent Corrigan"... I collect newspaper strips...original comic art, records...16 MM movies and art books.


Al said...

Some outstanding art there, Dave. Williamson was an outstanding artist and I miss seeing his work.

Dave Karlen said...

I must agree Al, he was one of the greatest. Glad I had a chance to meet him.