Sunday, March 2, 2008

National Cartoonist Society Profile: Jack Kirby

What can be said about Jack that has not been said before? A giant in one of our favorite entertainment vehicles, the comic book. No one individual in the field has make a bigger impact on the medium than Jack "King" Kirby. He set the standard for all creators to follow in his wake and has inspired scores of professionals around the world for generations. Even his legendary original art output, which is estimated at twenty five thousand pages or more, itself is an astounding feat alone, not to mention that he co-created some of popular culture's most iconic American comic characters such as the Hulk, Captain American, Fantastic Four, X-Men, and many others. Here is the most influential and recognizable artist's brief biography, in his own few words.

Underprivileged by birth on New York's lower east side in summer of August 28th 1917-- overprivileged by forty years of experience in every facet of comics and still going strong...started in animation, switched to weekly syndicated strips and helped to pioneer the early comic magazine. After initiating the action format with "Captain America", was pushed into the real thing with the third army at Metz in 1943... emerged with frozen feet but scalp intact and continued innovating with comic themes.Created a ton of superheroes for marvel and now trying newer concepts. Tolerated by my wife for fifty years, I'm still aiming to win acceptance of my four children and two grandchildren.

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