Saturday, February 21, 2009

National Cartoonist Society Profile: Brad Anderson

Here is another in my series of favorite artists that are also members of the National Cartoonist Society. Today my focus is on one very hungry Great Dane that has been begging food for the past fifty five years, and still going strong, the lovable Marmaduke. Here is the short bio of his creator, Brad Anderson.... Came into this ol' world May 14, 1924 in Jamestown New York, Cartooned my way through high school, and Syracuse University Fine Arts. Spent World War II in the engine room of an LCI. Married Barbara which resulted in Christine, Graig, Paul, and Mark. Began freelance cartoon career at age fifteen with many sales to "Flying Aces". Freelanced to most of the major markets until Marmaduke was syndicated in 1954. "He" grew from eight papers newspapers to over five hundred. Marmaduke has been licensed for numerous products, had a TV show, many books, and has allowed me one of my greatest joys, to talk cartoons to multitudes of school kids.

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