Friday, March 12, 2010

National Cartoonist Society Profile: Don Perlin

Here is the short bio one of the longest lasting comic artist's in the business, Don Perlin...Born to draw, but not much more on August 21th, 1929 in Brooklyn, New York. Studied with Burne Hogarth and attended a number of noted art schools. Freelanced for numerous book publishers, including Marvel, DC , Harvey and Charlton. I have drawn every type of comic from romance and horror to many different kinds of super-heroes. The series I've drawn include: Werewolf by Night, Ghostrider, Captain America, Defenders and The Transformers. From 1987-1990 I was managing art director for Marvel Comics. In 1990 I left Marvel to work for a newly formed company called Valiant, now known as Acclaim Comics, where I've been the originating artist on three of there titles: Solar, Bloodshot, and Timewalker. My favorite cartoonist is God! Look at all the characters he's created!

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