Monday, September 6, 2010

National Cartoonist Society Profile: Bob Montana

Name? er...Montana. Born? yes sir! Stockton, California, 1920. Male? yes, six dailies and a Sunday every week!Color? just a blue pencil. Scars? no thanks, don't smoke. Sex? went on first National cartoonist Society U.S.O. tour ...slept with Bill Holman, Al Posen and Dick Wingert. Education? art school drop-out. (Boston Museum, Phoenix Institute and Art Student's League) Service? bus boy New York hotel, Sgt. United States Army. Decorated? yes! murals for Fort Monmouth latrine. Occupation? Wife and four children. Hobby? "Archie" since 1941. Nine hundred and fifty papers (give or take four hundred and fifty) Awards? four children Home? seldom. Live in Rome, Cuernavaca, London, Meredith New Hampshire Pet Peeve? yes, but it died. Work Tip? if you drink don't ink! If you had your life to live over? I'd marry a rich cartoonist!

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