Thursday, March 1, 2012

Esteban Maroto's...Five For Infinity

One of Esteban Maroto's earliest strip adventures, Five for Infinity (Cinco por Infinito) debuted in September of 1967 loosely based on Jean Hougron's book, The Sign of the Dog. Initially a group effort from four of the top artists from Spain's Selecciones Illustradas (Maroto, Torrents, Suso, and Usero), Maroto took over the entire book with the fifth issue to finish out its successful twenty six wild episodes. The story revolves around five earthlings who work for Infinito, the last survivor of an extinct alien race, who with the members help keep order and unity in the universe. Each of the team have a special ability they use in concert on their numerous escapades together. Beautiful physician Aline has advanced mental powers; Sirio possessed great agility and speed; Orion has Atlas like strength; Altar vast intelligence; and Hidra was added as a lovely extra addition by accident. The real beauty of the feature is to follow the evolution of Maroto's work over the course of the stories. The artist's meticulous delicate style often makes one view a page taken as a whole over individual panels. Excellent draftsmanship coupled with a mastery of the human figure fused perfectly in these perfectly balanced compositions. Whether printed originally in stark black and white, or later stories with the use of vivid color, each were equally beautiful in their own right for the dynamic adventures of Cinco por Infinito.


El Vox said...

Another great artist, your examples are very psychedelic and pop. I have some comics that he illustrated that are fantasy oriented.

Dave Karlen said...

This Spanish artist was way ahead of his time!