Sunday, June 12, 2011

Charlton Comics...Judomaster

An early Charlton hero, Army Sergeant Rip Jagger was stationed in the South Pacific with a small elite band of soldiers hunting a ruthless Major called Yoku. While saving a young girl from a Japanese sniper, Rip's whole unit was wiped out as he was rescued by the island natives that opposed Japan's war plans. Sensei, their native leader, grateful for this stranger saving his only child, honored Jagger by teaching him the secrets of the martial arts. Immersed in spiritual and physical training unknown to the Western world, Jagger became a master of Judo and dawning a colorful outfits became leader of Sensei's band of rebels. Once the island was free from Yoku's men, Rip was assigned to a local army base as he continued to fight on his clandestine missions as the Judomaster. Later, when an orphan Japanese boy is discovered on the army base, his early skills in martial art lead him in becoming Judomaster's  reckless side-kick, the dreaded Tiger.

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