Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Greatest Adventure: Omac, One Man Army Corps

One of Jack Kirby's DC creations that has been revived time and again, Omac, One Man Army Corps, debuted in his own title in October of 1974. In an alternate timeline, a Great Disaster will destroy Earth in the late 21th century, so a group of friendly aliens created the Global Peace Agency to stop threats to our planet's security. To monitor the world aggressive forces they developed a satellite called Brother Eye and chose a simple stock boy, Buddy Blank, to lead Project O.M.A.C.. When called upon to prevent a global threat, Blank is transformed into Omac and charged with alien energy provided by the all-watching Brother Eye. This "one man army" has superhuman strength, superior intellect, protective shielding, and near invulnerability from his computerized overseer orbiting high above Earth. With only an eight issue initial run, Omac appeared over the years in other DC titles and was used in two very different story timelines. In the first he was able to prevent the Great Disaster, and his grandson grew up to be DC's Tommy Tomorrow, but in the other, Omac failed as beasts took over the planet and Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth became his offspring in this alternate reality.

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