Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Direct Currents: Batgirl

With her first appearance in Detective Comics #359 from January 1969 spawned from the ABC TV program, Batgirl has become one of DC's more popular female characters over the years. Barbra Gordon, was a mild mannered librarian who was on her way to attend her father's Policeman Masquerade Ball in a Batgirl "homage" costume she designed herself. On her way to the party, she witnessed the villain Killer Moth ambushing millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne as part of an massive extortion plot. Impulsively rushing to help her father's friend, Barbara enjoyed the excitement of the chase so much, she decided to devote her life to fighting crime. Wearing her utility belt similar to the Caped Crusader's, she has at her fingertips all the modern devices needed in her endless war against crime. With the beautiful heroine's extensive skills in the martial arts, and a custom-built batcycle, Batgirl often fought with Gotham's Dynamic Duo in their many memorable adventures together.

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