Friday, July 13, 2012

My Greatest Adventure: The Flash

One of DC Comics most popular and longest lasting characters, The Flash was unique in that he single handily spawned the rebirth of super-heroes for National Comics in the dawn of the Silver Age. The Flash first appeared in Showcase #4 in the fall of 1956 written by the inventive Julius Swartz and sleekly illustrated by artist Carmine Infantino before getting his own series in February of 1959. Mild mannered Barry Allen worked for Central City's Police department as a scientist when a freak accident suddenly changed his dull life forever. As a stray bolt of lightning struck through his laboratory window one day and shattered a cabinet of chemicals on him, Barry Allen was bathed in a weird electrifying substance. Barry soon discovered he could now move at incredible speeds, being able to sprint up the sides of buildings, vibrate his own super-charged molecules through solid matter, and other various miraculous quick feats. Designing a special miniaturized red and yellow costume concealed in his signet ring, and taking the name of his Golden Age comic book idol, this Scarlet Speedster uses his new found super powers to fight crime as the world's "fastest man alive", The Flash.

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