Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Greatest Adventure: Weird Worlds

Only running for a short ten issues from September 1972 until its demise in November of 1974, Weird Worlds was a science fiction anthology title from DC comics that showcased many of Edgar Rice Burrroughs' properties. Having just received the licensing rights, National dove into the John Carter of Mars series with scripts by Marv Wolfman and illustrations by artist Murphy Anderson, which was moved to this new title from an earlier Tarzan issue. The Pellucidar series was also featured having recently left DC's Korak, Son of Tarzan comic with some excellent art by Alan Weiss, Michael Kaluta, Sal Amendola, and Dan Green. These features ran until issue #7 when it became economically infeasible to continue publishing so many Edgar Rice Burroughs properties, so the story lines later continued in the larger Tarzan Family comic. Now with no Burroughs' characters, Weird Worlds struggled on with more space wielding sword and sorcery under Dennis O'Neil and Howard Chaykin's Iron Wolf which unfortunately never found it audience. Perhaps the nationwide paper shortage did not help, which delayed the last issue for several months before DC decided to cancel the title. Featured below is one of Mike Kaluta's rare DC covers with David Innes and Dian from "At The Earths Core!"

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