Monday, February 18, 2013

Marvel Spotlight: Doc Savage, The Man of Bronze

In October of 1972 Marvel Comics tried to bring "Golden Avenger" into their stable of comic titles with Doc Savage, The Man of Bronze #1 written by Steve Englehart based on a Roy Thomas plot, with artwork by Ross Andru and Jim Mooney. Over its two year run of eight comic issues, the title adapted four of the pulp series early favorite books including, The Man of Bronze, Brand of the Werewolf, Death in Silver, and The Monsters. Graced with good stories and strong cover art by artists including Jim Steranko, John Buscema, and Gil Kane, Doc and his "Fabulous Five" associates unfortunately never took off with Marvel's many fans. One interesting cross-over book starred the amazing Spider-Man was produced and a  one-shot Giant Sized movie tie-in to the George Pal motion picture starring Ron Ely in the title role was published in 1975. This classic Golden Avenger even turned up in one issue of Marvel Two-In-One #21 teaming up with the Fantastic Four's Thing! Perhaps his 1930s origins were hard to work into the modern Marvel Universe time line, though Doc also had splashy eight issue run in their Curtis black-and-white magazine Marvel produced from 1975-1977 with some fantastic Ken Barr cover art.


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