Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Atlas/Seaboard Comics: The Scorpion

Perhaps the best title from the Atlas/Seaboard stable, The Scorpion, started out with a dynamite story written and illustrated by Howard Chaykin. It starred a swashbuckling mercenary called Moro Frost who was immortal, his adventures were initially set in the 1930s with some  high-flying aviation and espionage in this great start for the character. His second story in issue #2 focused more on pulpy supernatural elements with some excellent art work by contributors Berni Wrightson, Michael Kaluta, Ed Davis, and Walt Simonson! Unfortunately by the third and final outing, Chaykin had left the title as Jim Graig and Jim Mooney took over the artistic chores. Now the Scorpion was updated to a modern day super-hero crime fighter similar to a watered down Spider-Man. David Frost was a crusading newspaper publisher by day and crime fighter by night, taking on the Golden Fuhrer in this campy end to one of the company's best chances at a lasting hero prospect.

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