Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Warren Magazine's...Vampirella

Created by Forrest J Ackerman and costume/hair designer Trina Robbins in Warren Publishing's black-and-white horror comics magazine Vampirella #1 for September of 1969, Vampi, started as a horror-story hostess, before becoming  a horror-drama leading lady. First drawn by Tom Sutton and a painted cover by Frank Frazetta, Jose Gonzales became the character's primary artist which soon became a fan favorite. Vampirella was a lovely inhabitant of the planet Drakulon, a world where a vampiric race lived on blood as it flowed in their rivers. The planets twin suns were causing severe droughts across the planet, marking certain doom for her Vampiri race. These strange creatures were able to transform themselves into bats at will, possessed superhuman physical attributes, sprout wings when required to fly, and of course drink blood. Our story begins with Drakulon's last inhabitants are dying when and Earth ship crashes onto their planet and Vampirella is sent to investigate. The sexy vampire soon finds out the astronauts have blood in their veins, takes over the ship and returns back to Earth where her adventures really begin. With her interesting supporting cast of characters, our heroine now becomes a "good" vampire, and devotes her energy to ridding our world of the evil kind of blood suckers.

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