Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Greatest Adventure: Prez, First Teen President

Written by Joe Simon and wildly illustrated by artist Jerry Grandenetti, Prez: First Teen President debuted in 1973 lasting only four short issues before its quick cancellation. Following the adventures of Prez Rickard, the first teenage President of the United States of America, whose election had been made possible by a Constitutional amendment lowering the age of eligibility to accommodate the then-influential youth culture of the baby boom. Named  Prez by his mother since she thought he should someday be the president, the lad was hired as a front for shady businessman Boss Smiley to run for United States Senator. As an idealist, he rebelled against Smiley and with almost half the voters under age thirty, the youthful Congress passed an amendment lowering the eligibility age for the presidency and Senator Rickard was voted President of the United States. Once in office with the young Native American, Eagle Free, as his director of the FBI, Prez fights vampires, a right-wing militia run by a descendant of George Washington and evil chess players before his quick demise in 1974 on this wacky but interesting DC series.

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