Wednesday, June 10, 2009

National Cartoonist Society Profile: Chester Gould

Here is the very brief bio for one of my favorite cartoonists and his world famous crime fighter, the hawk-nosed detective, Dick Tracy, one of the greatest features of all time! -- I was born in Pawnee, Oklahoma on November 20, 1900. Had two years at Oklahoma State before I came to Chicago in 1921. I worked on every paper in Chicago while up finishing college. Graduated from Northwestern University in 1923. Did strips, etc. for Hearst's Chicago American from 1924-29. But had my eyes set on one spot, The Chicago Tribune -New York News Syndicate. After ten years of trying, I finally sold my idea to J. M. Patterson in 1931. Wrote and drew Dick Tracy for the next forty six years, two months and twenty one days. I retired from active production on December 25, 1977. Now as a "consultant" I am having one very long siesta.

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