Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Greatest Adventure: El Diablo

Never achiving it's own title, this supernatural Western feature rightfully ended up in Weird Westen Tales and as a backup feature to Jonah Hex. It all started when a wealthy California gentleman Lazurus Lane was nearly killed after trying to stop a bank robbery in 1866, being struck by lightning and left in a comatose state. Doctors could do nothing to restore Lane, until an mysterious Apache shaman named Wise Owl arrived and used his mystic skills to heal him. One fateful night months later, Lazurus Lane suddenly awoke from his coma, but his spirit was now splint in two; one remained as Lazurus' silent husk, while the other became a supernatural avenging being called El Diablo! With his first appearance in the second series of All-Star Western #2 in 1970, El Diablo administered his severe code of justice, with fist, six gun, or whip, to the many criminal elements of the Old West. A expert marksman's and horseback rider, this "devil of a man" can preform amazing feats of athleticism, with knife, bolo, or any other weapon close at hand.

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