Tuesday, June 1, 2010

National Cartoonist Society Profile: Jose Delbo

Jose Delbo has drawn for scores of American comic book companies since moving to the United States in the mid-sixties. Starting at Charlton Comics he worked on numerous Western and horror titles before joining Dell to illustrate their humor and TV related properties. With a stint at both Tower and Western Comics he drew various sci-fi and adventure books before joining DC for many rewarding years. Jose's strong work ethic never allowed him to stop drawing, doing freelance for other independent publishers, Marvel Comics, and syndicated newspaper strips, before ending his career teaching at Joe Kubert's School of Cartooning and Graphic Arts. Here is his brief bio...Born in Bueno Aires, Argentina and at sixteen I started selling to comic book publishers throughout South America, moved to the United States in 1965, beginning with "Charlton" I sold to all the majors including "DC" and "Marvel", titles include, "Billy the Kid", "The Monkees", "The Lone Ranger", "Turok", "Yellow Submarine", "Wonder Woman", etc. Strip work includes "Superman" and "Phantom" dailies. All accomplished with the help of my wife Mabelle and my family! Joined the NCS in 1990 and was honored by being elected a vice president in 1995, not bad for a guy who talks funny!

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