Saturday, June 12, 2010

Direct Currents: The Unknown Soldier

Kanigher and Kubert's war-torn creation appeared first in Star-Spangles War Stories #151, in the summer of 1970. Enlisting with his older brother in World War II, the man known as the Unknown Soldier, watched as his sibling sacrificed his life to protect him from a Japanese grenade that horribly disfigured the younger soldier's face. This survivor became the United States Intelligence most valued undercover agent with his mastery of disguises and sensitive covert missions behind enemy lines. Such a thorn in the flesh was this lone American, that Hitler pitted a special Nazi operative named the Black Night against our Unknown Soldier until the Fuhrer's demise at the hands of the clandestine hero. After the war, the Unknown Soldier continued to serve U.S. interests in other major conflict around the globe, as the perfect weapon with no name or face.

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