Friday, April 13, 2012

Foreign Favorites: Andrax

A 1973 German Strip produced in Spain, Andrax debuted in Primo #27 by the talented team of artist Jorge Bernet and writer Miquel Cusso. In 1976, Michael Rush was an Olympic decathlon winner who caught the eye of the eccentric genius professor named Magor who had observed the athlete at the Montreal Games. Thinking him to be the perfect male specimen, Magor had the youth kidnapped and injected with a secret serum to keep him in suspended animation for over two thousand years. Believing the Olympian would wake to a perfect civilization in the future, Andrax quickly discovered a savage war torn Earth turned to barbarism, apparently devastated by a nuclear holocaust. Fortunately, his well honed athletic skills helped Andrax survive countless battles with hostile tribes, giant mutated rats, dinosaurs, and other hazards in this challenging world of tomorrow. Fast-paced and well written scripts were highlighted by Bernet's masterful raw style that demanded your attention in every panel. An instant hit with fans, Andrax was showcased in other German publications and numerous foreign reprints that have encouraged a legion of new readers even today.

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