Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Greatest Adventure: Sea Devils

National Periodical Publication often had some unusual series they experimented with to attract new readers, Space Ranger, Rip Hunter, Bwanna Beast, Tommy Tomorrow, Cave Carson, The Maniaks, Top Gun, and Strange Sports, were just a few that appeared. Some of these titles eventually won their own books, but others did not. With their first appearance in  DC Comics anthology try-out book, Showcase, issue #27 for August of 1960 introduced kids to a new super team of deep sea divers. Calling themselves the Sea Devils, these four superior underwater agents travelled our Earth's many oceans and waterways battling all types of problems including ferocious sea monsters, super powered aquatic villains, natural disasters, and often discovering beautiful ancient undersea kingdoms. After their debut in some successful introductory issues, divers Judy Watson, Dane Dorrance, Nicky Walton, and Biff Bailey got there own underwater title that lasted only twenty five short but thrilling comic books. They lasted better than most of the new creations. With some very wild stories and slick artwork by artists like Russ Heath and Bruno Premiani, the original series unfortunately ended in May of 1967, but the team have been resurrected at times to show up in other titles over the years.


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