Sunday, August 26, 2012

Foreign Favorites: Rahan

In February of 1969 the weekly French comic Pif-Gadget introduced an exciting new character, Rahan, expertly scripted by Roger Lecureux and illustrated by the talented Andre Cheret. This "son of the grim ages" was a caveman with a wandering spirit who traveled the prehistoric world never settling with any of the tribes he met on his many journeys. Surrounded with superstition and ignorance from the denizens in this faraway age, our insightful hero always kept an open and inquisitive mind to often achieve momentous discoveries such as the welcome use of fire and his deadly throwing spears. Always wanting to share his new found knowledge with others of his species, Rahan often had as much trouble fighting his fellow cavemen as the legion of savage beasts of his lush primitive world. Roger Lecureux's natural story lines were always imaginative and engaging, while Andre Cheret's strong graphic scenes were assertive, firm, and fabulous in this savage tale of one man's quest for survival. Extremely popular in its initial run, the series was widely reprinted across Europe gaining a whole new fan base years later.

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