Saturday, April 13, 2013

Make Mine Marvel: The Living Mummy

With his first appearance in Supernatural Thrillers #5 from August of 1973, Marvel Comics added to its stable of horror characters N'Kantu, The Living Mummy, created by writer Steve Gerber and artist Rich Buckler. Starting out as the monster who haunts Cairo, Egypt, after a few issues the character was transported to the streets of New York to continue his reign of terror with writer Tony Isabella and artist Val Mayerik. A son of a tribal chief from Africa from three thousand years ago, N'Kantu and his people were captured by Egyptian slave traders who forced their captives to build monuments to the current Pharaoh, Arm-Set. As N'Kantu and his followers eventually revolted and overthrew their captors, N'Kantu slays Arm-Set, but not before the African prince is sprayed with a mysterious paralyzing liquid by the evil priest Nephrus. Transformed into  a "living mummy", our hero now revives three thousand years later to start his rampage of Nephrus surviving descendants. With a super strong rock hard body, the Mummy is vulnerable to fire and electricity as he fights mystical villains across time and space in the Marvel Universe for this short-lived series.


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