Friday, April 19, 2013

National Cartoonist Society Profile: Frank Bolle

A talented artist who did a major part of his career at Gold Key and Charlton Comics, Frank Bolle, drew countless  characters for those two companies including The Phantom, Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom, Grimm's Ghost stories, Love Diary, Starstream, Twilight Zone, Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery, Buck Rogers, and many others. He also "ghosted" numerous strips over the years for cartoonists that needed a break from their ever present  deadlines. Here is his brief bio... Born in New York, June 12, 1924. I started out by drawing on any scrap of paper that I could find. I went to the High School of Music and Art from 1943 to 1946. Later I served with the Army Air Force and concluded my military career on Okinawa by the sea. On my return, I worked on comic books while I was still studying at the Pratt Institute. I drew pictures for various childrens' books and adventure magazines. I also wrote and illustrated children stories. I still free lance and cartoon features for "Boys' Life" magazine. Now I'm doing "Winnie Winkle" Sundays and dailies. I try to find time to do some oil painting or watercolors. I still look forward to getting to work in my studio. For physical exercise, I help my wife, Lori, everyday around the barn where she keeps her horses which she trains and shows. We both had the unique experience of delivering our mare's first foal. My son, Frank, to our surprise turned out to be a cartoonist too.

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