Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Comic Art Legend: Dino Busett

Born in Milan in April of 1940, Dino Secundo Busett, did a brief advertising stint in the early 1960s before working as an illustrator for the famous Milanese Agency, Piero and Rinaldo D'Ami. Employed  as their chief illustrator, Busett oversaw their children's publications and produced the  Encyclopedia of Animals for Boys for the Publisher Peruzzo. Later, the artist  specialized in creating those beautiful painted comic covers for Jeff Arnold, Jean Lafitte, Corriere dei Piccoli, Capitan Miki, Great Blek, Kinowa, and with Editrice Cenisio producing the Tarzan, Fury, Korak Son of Tarzan, and Rin Tin Tin masterpieces. He produced an important publication with Mondadori on nautical and pirate history, an extensive Medical Encyclopedia work for Librex Publishing House,  as well as art for the weekly newspaper Domenica del Corriere, just to name a few. Dino is well remembered for his portraits of classical musicians on His Masters' Voice series before moving to London, working on more children's publications and a few American illustration assignments. Returning to Italy, Busett drew a variety of science fiction projects, and devoted more time to painting and sculpting. Recently the artist has limited himself exclusively to his excellent portrait paintings for his many grateful clients.


Joe Jusko said...

Wow! Not familiar with his work. These are great!

Mario S said...

I am pretty sure that it's Secondo , and not Secundo, which does not exist as a name in Italian. I'm guessing he was a second-born child.