Wednesday, February 5, 2014

National Cartoonist Society Profile: Henry Boltinoff

Born in New York City, a long time ago. Been drawing ever since high school. Joined the National Cartoonist Society in the early days when meetings were held once a month at the Lambs Club, with shop talk and sessions with guest art directors and editors. Won two NCS awards. That's enough! Raised my family in Scarsdale, New York. My daughter lives in Syracuse, NY. My son in Montana. Made six NCS tours overseas to military bases. One of the original pen and pencil lunch crowd with George Wolfe, Reamer Keller, Ben Roth...all deceased. Presently live in Lake Worth, Florida. Every two weeks mail my Hocus Focus feature to King Features in New York. Don't miss the "Big Apple" at all. Not when I can play tennis twelve months a year.

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