Thursday, November 26, 2009

National Cartoonist Society Profile: Darrell McClure

Born 1903 in Ukiah, California. At nine I moved to San Francisco. Art school at night, fourteen and fifteen my first professional jobs. At seventeen started animated cartoons when available, logging camps and ranching interim. Started seagoing, sailing ships & steam. To New York City on freighter. Started job with King Features Syndicate in 1923. Took on "Little Annie Rooney" in 1930 or '31. Have been contributor to "Yachting Magazine" since '24. Married in 1924, and lived in Connecticut. Served part time with Coast Guard sailing fleet WWII. Moved to Florida after wife passed away, now remarried to Navy widow, returned to San Francisco, with new wife also gained lovely daughter and three grandchildren. Jackpot! Like to paint when time permits. Love to sail boats and we do. I have nothing to wish for because I already have it.

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